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About Kiwi

Kiwi is the token male and at age 5 is still his mama’s baby. Affectionately identified as a Petit New Zealand Bobtail Griffon, or PNZBG, Kiwi has been clicker trained since 12 weeks of age and has an ever-expanding repertoire of behaviors.

Terry’s favorites are when he does “his chores,” bringing in the two daily newspapers and shutting the door behind him, and cleaning and clearing the dishes twice daily: he first licks each of the four dog bowls spotless, then brings each one to the sink. When Buster was still with us, Kiwi finished doing the dishes with the grande finale of shaking out Buster’s “tablecloth” and presenting it in exchange for “dessert.”  Kiwi is slowly rising through the agility ranks after a very scary bee sting at one of his first trials, and now competes at the Masters level in USDAA and the Elite level in NADAC. Kiwi is also in training for musical freestyle.

About Pretzel

Pretzel is truly the baby of the pack at 11 months of age (as of December 2006) and all of 10 pounds soaking wet.

Terry met Pretzel when she was a 4-month-old pup, driving her owners crazy with puppy nipping/mouthing, peeing all over the house, and constant motion. Terry helped her original owners solve the housetraining and nipping problems, but Pretzel’s need for mental and physical stimulation were more than they had bargained for. When Pretzel was 6 ½ months old, Terry got the call to find Pretzel a better home where she would get the attention she craved. Terry took Pretzel in as a foster (yeah, yeah, yeah) and after an agonizing month of evaluation and consideration (and still mourning Buster’s death less than a year before), made the leap and decided to keep her. Pretzel is a real pistol and the life of the party. Smart as a whip, with endless energy and love of tug toys, Pretzel has already begun agility training, tasted the thrill of lure coursing, and gone swimming with the big dogs (lifejacket on, of course). Terry has gone from sharing her life with Great Danes, and is constantly surprised at how much she loves this little pipsqueak of a dog who burrows under the covers at night and is the last one up in the morning.


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