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Terry Long
Terry Long, CPDT,
is an award-winning writer who provides a variety of editorial services.


Services include proofing for grammar, spelling, and punctuation.


Services include line editing, copyediting, and rewrites for books, magazine articles, web content, etc.

Manuscript Critiquing

For authors who have a good book or article idea and have written a first draft, but need an objective critique of their work. Services range from organizational critique to idea presentation critique to grammar/syntax critique. Publisher’s feasibility reviews also available.


Ghost writing, original bylined writing, and coaching services also available.

Editorial Experience and Published Works

  • Former Editor, The South Coast Agility Team’s The Scribe
  • Contributing author, The South Coast Agility Team's The Scribe.
  • Managing Editor, The Association of Pet Dog Trainer’s Chronicle of the Dog, 1999 – 2002.
  • Column Editor, The Association of Pet Dog Trainer’s Chronicle of the Dog, “On Behavior” and “Reviewer’s Corner,” (2003-present)
  • Columnist, Dog World, “About Agility,” 2005-present
  • 1st-place winner, Association of Pet Dog Trainer’s Annual Writing Contest, 2001 “The K9 VIP Program” and 2003 “Selling Early Socialization.”
  • Web content writer,, Behavior pages (2002)
  • Whole Dog Journal, “Proactive Rehabilitation” (2001)
  • The Clicker Journal, “Moki Jo … “The Recovered Chaser” (2001)
  • The Clicker Journal, 2002, “Relationship as a Rehabilitative Tool” (2002)
  • Contributing editor for the APDT's Chronicle of the Dog

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Long Beach Dog Trainer Wins National Writing Award

Long Beach—On February 11, 2007, at the Dog Writers of America’s (DWAA) annual awards ceremony, Long Beach native and professional dog trainer Terry Long, CPDT, was awarded the prestigious Maxwell award for her article, “Shape for Confidence.” Long’s award-winning article was first published in the March/April 2006 issue of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers’ Chronicle of the Dog, a publication distributed world-wide.

The DWAA writing contest is open to writers, publishers, editors, photographers, and artists whose works depict life with dogs. There are several categories of competition, and the coveted first-place “Maxwell” is awarded in each category. Long was a finalist in two categories: Best Magazine Column for “About Agility” in Dog World, and Best Feature in a Canine Newspaper or Newsletter. “Shape for Confidence” won in the Canine Newspaper or Newsletter category.

Long, who owns DogPACT Training and Behavior Services, is a writer and former managing editor of the Chronicle of the Dog, currently editor of its “On Behavior” column, and writes Dog World magazine’s monthly agility column. During the 10 years she has been in business, Long has worked with hundreds of dogs on everything from puppy manners to aggression to noise-phobias.

“Shape for Confidence” addressed the power of clicker training, a reward-based training technique, to build confidence in fearful dogs. Her article recounted the story of Kippy, a fearful Coton duTulear, a 12-pound fluffy white dog owned by [then] Naples resident Lynn Craig. Craig hired Long to work with both of her dogs, not expecting that Kippy would go very far in training due to her fears. Long fell in love with the little white dog and patiently “shaped” bolder and bolder behaviors until Kippy overcame many of her fears and, to the delight of her owner, became quite a show-off, “saying her prayers,” prancing, dancing, and scooting her way into everyone’s hearts. Long’s article focused on how learning these “tricks” built confidence in a dog others thought would never amount to much. 

DWAA’s Maxwell award is named after the late Maxwell Riddle who was a founding member and former president of DWAA. Riddle wrote The Springer Spaniel in 1939 and wrote a monthly column for Dog World magazine for more than 50 years. He was also the pet columnist for the Cleveland Press from 1938 – 1969.

The DWAA was created on February 13, 1935, in the Westminster Kennel Club’s meeting room in the old Madison Square Garden in New York City. The annual meeting and awards ceremony is held in New York City each year just before the Westminster Kennel Club show. The annual writing contest is meant to encourage quality writing about dogs in all aspects of canine companionship and dog sports (

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