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Choosing the right dog for your family

Whether you choose a purebred or a dog of mixed parentage, the individual puppy or dog you select must be compatible with your lifestyle. And, if you are choosing a dog from a shelter or rescue organization (good on ya!!!!), you want to be sure you are not adopting someone else’s problem dog. Afterall, most people want their adoptee to become a loving member of their family . . . not a long-term rehabilitation project.

DogPACT’s Pre-adoption counseling service provides:

  • The pros and cons of getting your pup/dog from a breeder, from a pet store, from a rescue organization or shelter, or from a private party
  • Behavioral assessment of shelter dogs before you make the final selection
  • Phone consults for behavioral assessment education
  • The characteristics you should look for if you have young children
  • How to select a good rescue organization; what you should know and what you should ask
  • Comparing breed types and their characteristics and how those might (or might not!) suit your family’s lifestyle

Pre-adoption Planning

Once you have decided to bring a new puppy or dog into your household, it is wise to be proactive and prepare for his/her homecoming—well before his/her actual arrival.

DogPACT can help you address:

  • Home preparation
  • Supplies and equipment needed
  • Establishing house rules (before they are broken!)
  • Housetraining set up
  • Schedules and routines
  • How to address common puppy or new dog behaviors from the moment they come home
  • What to expect, depending upon the breed/type of dog you are bringing home
  • Separation anxiety prevention
  • Appropriate introductions to family, friends, and neighbors
  • Appropriate introductions to other family pets, e.g., an older dog, The Cat, etc.
  • Other important aspects of socialization

Contact Us for information about fees to suit your situation.

Success Stories

The Deppe family had previously adopted a dog whose aggression caused them to return him to the shelter where they adopted him. Understandably nervous about adopting another dog after that heartbreaking experience, they contacted DogPACT about pre-adoption counseling. They had found another dog at a local shelter and asked if he could be evaluated by DogPACT before they made the final decision to adopt him. Terry Long, CPDT, conducted the evaluation with the permission of the shelter, and the Deppe’s were elated to find that he passed with flying colors. Here is their story.

“Bandit is doing GREAT!!!

John and I love him so much and more than once have looked at each other and said that the money we spent on the training and your help picking such a wonderful dog was the best money we have ever spent on anything.

We are so happy with Bandit. He has adjusted very well to us and his home. He runs with us and has the best personality ever. He is good around children, and we have no problems with him running out the garage anymore, either. He has learned the difference in the sound each garage door makes so he knows which garage is “his”.

He walks great with us. We don’t need the Gentle Leader anymore. He has stopped pulling and walks right beside us. We have taught him a few tricks and would like to start teaching him more. We just recently taught him to bring his food dish to us and do a trick before he gets fed. So, needless to say, we are extremely in love with Bandit and can’t thank you enough. John and I learned so much from you and have recommended you to a few of our friends.”

Kat and John Deppe
Long Beach, CA
March 27th, 2006

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