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Emily and Linda

If I never learned another thing, I would feel as though my money was well spent. Today I saw my dog do something that I would have bet you she couldn't do! I have learned so much already and am so inspired by your classes. If I were younger and more coordinated I can only imagine what we could do. Thank you so much for allowing us to come to your class.

Thanks again,


Natalie Rausch and Boxie, C-ATCH, ATCH3, PDCH, PKCH

BoxieBoxie and I had a fabulous weekend above all expectations. She got 7 1/2 Q's out of 9, all at the Elite level. She got her Standard Elite title and her Gambler's Elite title and 45 points towards that ATCH championship title, if we should live so long. (Of course, we had to give up one run to the "zoomies," and the last run of the weekend she was over Standard Course Time by 4/10's of a second, therefore the 5-point Q. We were both exhausted.)She placed fourth in the "High in Trial" competition for the Elite level, which I thought was pretty amazing against all those ATCH Aussies.

Ordinarily, I would go into "brag" mode. However, this time I think it is more appropriate to go into "Thank You, Terry" mode I know that we owe our success directly to you and your instruction. Many people at the trial noticed and commented on the "different style." Positional cues and the box work that you have been stressing in class made all the difference; the Jumpers courses were a breeze because of them (we got 3 Qs in jumpers).

So THANK YOU, TERRY. The success was yours. Best thing we ever did was to sign up for your class.

June 2013 Update:

BoxieThose words were written almost 7 years ago, and again thanks to Terry and Dogpact Boxie and I have come a million miles since then. We did indeed "live long enough" to earn that first ATCH, as well as five other agility championships in three different venues (ASCA, USDAA and CPE) and four "High in Trials."

It has been a great ride, but there have also been some big setbacks along the way. Last year, Boxie injured her back and became paralyzed in all four legs. After extensive spinal surgery, a long and painful recovery (7 months) and countless hours of physical therapy and exercise, I was faced with the decision of whether or not to let her resume agility. After the neurosurgeon had cleared her, we went to visit our old agility class. I got my answer that night. The excitement in Boxie's eyes and the smile on her face (which I hadn't seen for all those months) came back that night. She wanted her life back, and I had to make sure she got it.

BoxieWe resumed agility classes with Terry (twice a week) in preparation for our EPIC COMEBACK, and it was indeed epic. It just so happened that Boxie needed only one pairs Q to complete her championship in USDAA, her PDCH. With some help from our good friends and classmates Marty Fenton Frear and Tilson, we got it and the comeback was complete. Boxie got her life back. The spark of excitement returned to her eyes and the smile to her face.

Although Boxie still competes in ASCA and now AKC (jumping at a lower height), going to class is still the highlight of our week. Why do we keep coming to class after all these years? Yes, we still have things to learn, even though I think Boxie has some pretty "mad skills" by now. Mostly, we come because, after all these years, Boxie still loves class and is excited to play her favorite game. And I love the friendly atmosphere and camaraderie of our fellow students, combined with Terry's expert instruction and individual attention to each student. Over the years, we have seen many new students come into class (now our very good friends), watched them improve and develop into awesome agility teams, cheered them on and celebrated with them as they earned titles and championships. And all of them credit Terry for giving them the tools to succeed.

So, I say again THANK YOU, TERRY. The success was yours. Best thing we ever did was to sign up for your class. You changed our life.

--Natalie and C-ATCH, ATCH3, PDCH, PKCH Boxie

Cindy Forsthoff and Maddie

I have formed such a wonderful bond with Maddie through agility. Terry Long and the DogPact team have honed our skills (mine more than the dog!) in the sport, but most importantly to me, we have so much fun together while learning. Doesn't get much better than that!

Maddie Maddie

Marty Fenton Frear and Tilson

TilsonTerry Long and the DogPact have made a dream come true for me and my rescued, screwed-up border collie, Tilson. Terry taught both of us a lot of life lessons about patience, love and consistency to develop a winning team. Tilson had a rough start before I adopted her at 18 mos. Her only entertainment was fence fighting with all other dogs, and it was Terry's unswerving dedication to positive reinforcement that brought the dog around. We have evolved from barely being able to take a walk around our neighborhood to competing at the Master's level in just 3 short years. Classes are fun, the other people and dogs in class have become fast friends and Terry is always there when you need her. Tilson and I owe a great debt to this fine teacher.


Calypso, Pitbull

I first came to DogPACT from a referral from my vet. I stayed because of the talent. From day 1 Terry made me feel welcome and hopeful for my problem child. I have learned so much from her. She is both patient and understanding adjusting the training to both my and my dog's needs. If you have a problem dog, just need some obedience lessons or simply want to try agility, DogPACT is the place to go.

David Kaplan

Casper, Rat Terrier Mix

Casper and I are celebrating our one year anniversary of contacting you, Terry. If you recall, Casper had gone into a very deep depression where he hid behind the couch all day long. Nothing short of moving the couch and carrying him out worked. I was at wits end.

After meeting with you that first day I was convinced you held a key to his recovery. I was amazed at how well Casper responded to you and the lessons you worked out for us. Needless to say we were at a loss when the sessions ended [and we continued to train on our own]. We continued with learning tricks and trying to build Casper's confidence.

Then Vicky Lovejoy started a Nose Work class and your recommendation that we try it out. It has been just the thing for us. Casper loves it! And so do. Casper's occasional lapse into his depression (caused by smoke alarms, shrill noises, or who knows what) can quickly become a thing of the past. All I have to do is bring out the Nose Work training boxes and Casper comes out from behind the couch ready to "find it!" The change in his mood is instant!

The "triggers" will probably never go away, but Casper is able to forget them with the thrill of the search.Thanks for helping me get my Casper back. You and Vicky are the best!

Casper and Pat Joe

Ella, Portuguese Water Dog/Terrier Mix

Fear Aggression

Tonight Ella and I were out walking and came upon a kitty who had just been hit by a car.  I located the owner and when we parted, she threw her arms around me and hugged me.  There was a time when Ella surely would have lunged at and likely bitten the woman, but not tonight.  She did nothing.  And as we walked away it hit me...........  my girl sure has come a long way.

Just wanted to share and say thank you again. 

Diane Kinder
San Pedro

Greta, Munsterlander

Separation Anxiety

Terry helped me out a bunch. I picked my 4-month-old Large Munsterlander, Greta, up at LAX in the middle of the night. She had a cut on her face from the crate and flight, she had giardia, and she had separation anxiety and fear of strangers. After two days of hearing Greta crying, my 12-year-old lab and I wondered if we had made a mistake. My vet gave me Terry's name and we had an appointment ASAP. 

Greta, MunsterlanderTerry gave me exercises to do with Greta to try and help the separation anxiety and fear of strangers and to get her so that she wasn't so afraid of her crate. She also helped me with some basic obedience drills and clicker training.  Armed with lots of information and Terry's guidance, I worked with Greta religiously. Greta is now 22 months old and, although we continue working on separation anxiety and her fear of some things, she has really come a long way. She is much more outgoing and approachable and she will let me tie her to the fence to walk an agility course in class without crying. She also loves sleeping in her crate.

When Greta had to have surgery on her foot and had to be contained for 8 weeks (I was really afraid of the separation anxiety increasing), Terry reassured me by giving me suggestions and information to re-look at. We made it through that trying time.  We take agility and Rally Obedience classes and it's been very positive thanks to Terry's foundation work. Greta even passed all of the CGC portions of the test that had anything to do with strangers interacting with her (she only made 2 of the 3 minutes alone with a stranger before becoming worried; something to continue working on). I was so proud of her for doing so well with strangers. 

I have and will continue to recommend Terry to anyone needing assistance with their dog.  

Shannon Gillespie
Long Beach, CA

Maizie, Golden Retriever

Leash Manners with other Dogs

Terry, just a note to let you know how much I am enjoying our sessions!! I haven't really had a chance to let you know how much I really do appreciate your wonderful training!! Where I thought I had nowhere to turn, I now know there is hope!!! Where I felt tremendously overwhelmed, I now have you. . . who tells me we will take it one step at a time and reach our goal. After each session I feel soooo much better! Thank You! Cheryl McBride

P.S.I have a good story to tell about MaiZie. We were at Rush Park just walking around.  There is one house that has a dog that rushes the fence and usually triggers MaiZie to react in some way. As we approached the house, I held perfectly still to see what Mz would do. She was aroused and started to lunge, but stopped herself and looked up at me.  I was still perfectly quiet, and she went behind me automatically. I gave her most of the bag of cookies that I then got out of my bag! On the second time around I did the same thing. She stopped, looked at the fence (he was barking), then looked at me, then went behind me, and nudged my hand.  I gave her the rest of the bag of cookies that were in my bag!!!!  Thought you would love this one. I had said nothing and no hand signals or anything!!!  YEAH!!!

Cheryl McBride
Garden Grove, CA

Mercedes, Pit bull


Mercedes, PitbullThank you so much for your session today with Mercedes and me. You were able to recreate every behavioral issue I have experienced with her. There have been times when she's been so calm that I was afraid maybe she wouldn't act up for you, but after seeing you work with her, I can see I didn't need to worry about that. It takes very little to get her revved up.

Thank you also for recognizing that with all of her little "issues" she is an incredibly sweet dog.  Despite 15 incredibly stressful months at the shelter, she has so much love to give and, when calm, loves nothing more than to sit still and be stroked.

Best of all, at least for today, was the SoftTouch Harness. OH MY GOSH, what a treat our walk was tonight!!!  I have tried to do what Dave showed me, turning directions, etc., and there were days where it worked, but it was never without some sort of struggle. She walked by my side like an angel. I could feel the walk was less stressful for her too. She got tired because of the exercise, not from the tugging and pulling. What an unbelievable lifesaver. I can't wait until tomorrow morning. I'm still wondering if it's too good to be true.

Thanks again.  I really hope I can make a difference for Mercedes.

Michele Burling
Rossmoor, CA

From the same foster parent of the young, rambunctious pit bull—her note to the rescue organization (reprinted with permission):

"… However, we have several issues with her behavior and training that obviously needed to be addressed. I am working with Terry Long for this.  She spent two hours with Mercedes last week. It was amazing watching her evaluation. She would explain what she was doing in her interactions with Mercedes, what she was looking for in terms of a reaction, etc., etc.  Needless to say, in certain situations when Mercedes is not allowed to do what she wants, her frustration level is about one second before she reacts - and quite vigorously at times.

Terry has provided me with some excellent tools for dealing with some of these behaviors. I have several handouts and was given many opportunities to have Terry show me what to do when Mercedes misbehaves. One of these, sadly for Mercedes, is a time-out. I just have to laugh at the idea of it. There's poor Mercedes, no TV, no video games, no phone, sitting in a time-out looking so forlorn. However, once she visibly calms down and indicates her frenzy is over, then she is released. This has been quite effective and is just one of many things I am learning in dealing with Mercedes.

I am just so impressed with Terry's skill in dealing with Mercedes, and I appreciate so much having something concrete to fall back on when Mercedes acts a certain way.

Michele Burling
Rossmoor, CA

Otis, Chinese Crested

Resource Guarding

Terry, as you know, today was our last of our six-pack training sessions for my Chinese Crested puppy, Otis. When we first contacted you several weeks ago,   Otis was developing into a problematic dog, with signs of aggression, object guarding, and an inability to walk on a leash without "gulping" everything on the ground,  including a fish hook. It was becoming frustrating for my wife, Otis, and myself.

I contacted you after Otis became aggressive toward a dog groomer. I was unsure what to do and how to do it to correct Otis' problems as this was our first puppy in almost 17 years. You were able to observe these behaviors on your first visit and developed a written plan to address each of my concerns.

Each session brought immediate results, all for the positive!  Otis' aggression has been replaced with a loving and curious dog.  With your explanations and exercises, Otis is now able to walk on the leash and actually enjoys the walks.  You were able to help me understand the dog's behaviors and we have been able to manage the object guarding.

There is no doubt that DogPact has made a total and complete difference in our lives. Otis is now much more confident and as a result, his initial "bad" behaviors have disappeared or have been minimized.  I have total confidence that as he grows, he will develop into a great dog.

I strongly recommend your company to other dog owners that have behavior and training issues. Terry was able to train us to train Otis, and showed that we all could learn and form a strong foundation for a healthy and happy life!

Ben Lerner
Signal Hill, CA

Rex, Beagle

Resource Guarding

Approximately a year and a half ago, we received our beagle Rex as a "gift" from our son and daughter-in-law. He had been turned over to a beagle rescue by another family and came to us with several problems such as dislike of most visitors; snatching; growling and biting if we tried to take anything from him; bolting; lunging /growling at gardeners, bicyclists, strollers, etc. 

Terry's positive training techniques utilizing clicker training and simple commands and management of the environment have helped us tremendously in making Rex a much better behaved dog. Here are a few examples:  He rarely snatches now, but if he does, he either drops the object on his own or immediately responds to the command "Drop It."  He no longer tries to bolt out the front door and responds to a hand on the doorknob by immediately sitting on an area rug several feet away from the front door. On gardener days we try to managing his environment by closing shades and practicing training exercises with him.

Karen and Jack James
Long Beach, CA

Samson, Boxer


Terry - I wanted to pass along my thanks to you for all of your help with Samson. He was successfully introduced to another dog this weekend and had so much fun playing. SamsonThere is no way we would have even tried to do the introduction without the tips, assessment, and training you provided. Although it didn't look like the introduction was going to happen (he started to get a little worked up), we took our time and it went very well. The other dog even played a little rough with Samson and Samson turned away and just ignored it. It was amazing. They even ended up laying down and falling asleep together. Thanks so much!!

Kurin Perry

Schroeder, Pointer/Border Collie mix

Dog-dog aggression, on leash

SchroederAndy, Schroeder and I just returned from our first visit to the dog park and felt the need to tell you once again – thank you.

Schroeder behaved like a perfect gentleman, which was a wonderful sight to see! It is so great to think of how much Schroeder has learned since we adopted him such a short time ago. He went from being a dog that could barely look at another dog without becoming unglued to a dog that can freely play with others.

SchroderWhen we adopted Schroeder (formerly "Zippy"), the spcaLA told us that he couldn’t be in the presence of other dogs and could not go to dog parks or the dog beach—ever. While we took their direction seriously, we secretly hoped that this wouldn’t be the case; with your training and instruction our hopes did in fact come true.

With your guidance, we now have a dog that we can walk with no concerns of being aggressive towards others; a dog we can take on vacation without worry; and a dog that can run, chase and jump with other dogs.

You have helped us so much and Schroeder is now happier and more confident. We love him dearly and are thrilled that he is having a fun, safe life.

Please feel free to give out our name and number to any prospective clients; your services were extremely valuable to us.  

Best regards,
Stacey Fancher

Sophie, Husky/German Shepherd Mix

Separation Anxiety/Sound Phobia

Sophie, Husky/Shepherd MixTerry Long's training was invaluable to our family. She exceeded every claim made in her advertising. I especially appreciated the "gentle" aspect of her training. It is clear that she truly loves and respects dogs and that she has a deep understanding of their owners, as well.

We have two dogs. Our older dog Sophie was seven years old when suddenly, and without warning, she developed a severe case of separation anxiety. The problem started out slowly and quickly became extreme. The damage she did to our home and the suffering she was going through was extensive. 

Separation Anxiety/Sound Phobia DamageOver a six-month period Sophie had destroyed all the screens to the windows in the backyard. She destroyed a wooden door, a wood-framed screen door, and most of the window frames with her teeth and nails. She tore off large chunks of wood from doorframes and broke glass. She even ripped apart a heavy aluminum screen protector.

At its worst point friends and family, many of them dog lovers themselves, were suggesting we consider the ultimate solution of having the Sophie put down. I deferred to Terry's expertise and made her promise me that if she ever felt Sophie was suffering too deeply, she would know what was best. I put my entire trust in Terry's assessment of the situation. Terry provided me with the skills and training to emotionally cope with the trauma and more importantly, to help Sophie with her anxiety attacks. Sophie is no longer tearing up our home and she is aging gracefully.

Terry became a lifeline for our family. Her training even informally extended to our young child so even she could be a part of the solution. Sophie is better and we are all better dog owners because of the training and education provided by Terry Long.

Viki Yamashita
Long Beach, CA.

Toby, Poodle/Terrier mix

Separation Anxiety/Sound Phobia

I have had the privilege to have Terry Long work with my dog, Toby, as both a behavioral trainer and an agility instructor.  What a difference she has made in our lives. Toby is an extremely high-energy dog. One terrible New Year’s Eve we left him home. A neighbor decided to set off fireworks in our absence. Toby became terrified, and our 16-inch dog scaled our 6-foot fence. After that night, Toby escaped from the yard on a regular basis.  He always stayed by the house, but we were terrified that we would lose him. We needed help, and Terry Long was recommended to us by our veterinarian. 

At that very first appointment, she sat down with us and listened to our concerns, which were really more than just the escapes. Together, with her expertise guiding the way, we planned a course of action for working with Toby. In six short sessions, Toby was staying home more regularly and was a much more pleasant pet with which to coexist. We were all happier. Within a short time after that, the disappearances ceased altogether. 

Sue and Rich Nettleton
Westminster, CA

Casper, Rat Terrier Mix

Casper and I are celebrating our one year anniversary of contacting you, Terry. If you recall, Casper had gone into a very deep depression where he hid behind the couch all day long. Nothing short of moving the couch and carrying him out worked. I was at wits end.

After meeting with you that first day I was convinced you held a key to his recovery. I was amazed at how well Casper responded to you and the lessons you worked out for us. Needless to say we were at a loss when the sessions ended [and we continued to train on our own]. We continued with learning tricks and trying to build Casper's confidence.

Then Vicky Lovejoy started a Nose Work class and your recommendation that we try it out. It has been just the thing for us. Casper loves it! And so do. Casper's occasional lapse into his depression (caused by smoke alarms, shrill noises, or who knows what) can quickly become a thing of the past. All I have to do is bring out the Nose Work training boxes and Casper comes out from behind the couch ready to "find it!" The change in his mood is instant!

The "triggers" will probably never go away, but Casper is able to forget them with the thrill of the search.Thanks for helping me get my Casper back. You and Vicky are the best!

Casper and Pat

Bentley, Goldendoodle

Bentley, 8 months, old has gone trhough both Puppy Kindergarten and Pet Manners with Positive Reinforcement. He has progress nicely. Kelli and Ryan have demonstrated knowledge and patience during training. I would highly recommend any class from DogPACT.

Cathy Y.

Buddy, Terrier Mix

Buddy a Terrier MixAfter 25+ years without a dog, my husband and I adopted a 5-6 month old terrier mix. Buddy took awhile to warm up to his new home and having a puppy in the house after so many dogless years was quite an adjustment.

After a couple months I started Pet Manners taught by Kelli Knowles and her assistant Ryan de la Vega. Learning the positive training techniques and applying them to teaching the basic manners of sit, down and attention helped Buddy, myself and my husband get off to a good start. Learning the emergency recall proved a success when my husband lost grasp of the leash and Buddy romped off in the park with a couple of unleashed dogs. He used the verbal recall and Buddy came running back.

I attended Pet Manners Fined Tuned a few months later, which included practicing the basic skills learned in Pet Manners as well as training for "Settle" and "Leave it." lt's exciting to see how easily these things can be learned with using the techniques taught as long — as they are practiced regularly. Though Buddy is far from the "perfect, low-maintenance" dog it would be great for him to be, the DogPact classes have helped the three of us live a happier life together.

Laurie V.

Elvis, Yellow Lab

Elvis is a Lab, and he was a puppy … do we need to say another thing?! He was jumping all over visitors, he was chewing the house down, and he was unable to walk on a leash without ripping out our shoulders. With Terry's help, we used operant conditioning, and positive reinforcement with Elvis, and we modified our interactions and reactions with him as well. He is now 2 1/2, a trim 90 lbs, and we can leave him home alone (he only eats his bones or toys), he does not assault visitors (no matter how happy he is to see them), and we can successfully take him for pleasant walks. While we were training with Terry, we adopted a stray dog, Sydney, who was a young puppy with a lot of needs. She was very shy with strangers, and she was a very fearful dog. After working with Terry, we have learned to make what was fearful to her, friendly and fun. She is a much more outgoing dog, and very friendly as well.

Elizabeth Edwards

Katie, Chihauhau

Thank you so much for the session with you on Wednesday. I now have a much better understanding of the clicker. Your handouts are wonderful and your demo was fantastic. I especially thank you for the help with her barking. Katie thanks you too!

Beth Byrne

Lily, Rottweiler

Lily was headed to the car and broke free from her leash. We were able to use the recall to get her to come safely back to us. The tools and techniques have been so helpful.

Christine R. and Kevin C.

Lucky, Border Collie

We learned so much in seven weeks. The positive results we have seen using the clicker is far more advanced than our other dogs who went through the ‘old fashioned’ obedience classes. We see results faster using the clicker. It also helps with the confidence level of the dog.

Holly Sjogren

Madison (Yellow Lab) and Mercedes (Pit Bull)

Mercedes and MadisonI just wanted to thank you again for all your expertise in evaluating Madison & Mercedes and their playtime yesterday. It was like having a translator interpreting a foreign language. So amazing!!  I understand dogs have signals to each other, but I also understand not all dogs interpret them correctly or give the signals that are appropriate in any given circumstance.  I’m also very aware that at the human level I don’t necessarily know what they’re saying to each other. This is where my discomfort comes in. Should I step in?  Is what they’re doing normal?  What are the signs it’s escalating?  And on and on.  That is why I really wanted you to come evaluate their play. I needed a professional to give me that solid feedback so I would know if what I was watching was okay or not – and if it wasn’t, what should I do? It’s funny. This morning Madison was playing with her play group at the park, and she was running and running with one of the dogs. All of a sudden, she stopped running, started sniffing the ground, moving in the opposite direction, and I thought, "Hey, I know what that means."  Pretty cool. 

Read more ...

Michele Fieldson

Maggie, Standard Poodle

Thanks for being so good at what you do! We have a great pup thanks to your training. Awesome!!! "Terry, you are really the best!!!"

Estee Edwards

Mika, Akita

Ryan was very enthusiastic about helping our dogs succeed. It was a pleasure to take his class. The class was very informative. Thanks, DogPACT!

Christina H.

Millie, Black Lab mix

We had a lot of fun doing this. We learned some great tips and really enjoyed training our dog. We really liked the recall training and found it very effective.

Ashley Snakenborg

Milo, 7-month male yellow Labrador

Having had a dog that did a [public] Parks class, as well as private training, I thought this class was perfect for Milo. Expectations were in line with his abilities at this age. Thanks for a good experience!

Krista Leaders


Oliver, Cocker Spaniel

Gila changed my limited concept of what trust in a relationship with a dog can be. Oliver and I are having a great time out exploring our world. Gila had great, practical solutions and creative, fun ideas for activities. She was very sensitive to and worked with my physical limitations.


Karl Snider

Rosebud, Portugese Water Dog

Rose Bud and Chris
What a remarkable and gratifying experience to be taught the method of clicker training by Terry Long!!! Our 8-week-old puppy was headstrong and taking over the house. It was not being the enjoyable experience we had expected. Terry taught us how to solve all that annoying and destructive behavior that untrained pups and dogs are just going to do. Now we not only have a dog that is a well-mannered loving companion, but we have the tools and understanding to solve any future problems. The best part is that we can do this in a gentle way and at the same time be effective. That nasty choke chain is gone forever and our lovely dog is beyond all expectations as a family member.

Chris Duthie

Ruby, Maltese

It had been many years since I had lived with a dog when Ruby Tallulah came into my life. Since she was a brand new puppy, I was apprehensive even about the most basic training methods I thought I remembered. I purchased several books but still didn't feel comfortable. I picked up Terry's business card at Go Dogs Go, a pet groomer, and talked to a friend of mine, Karen, about private lessons for Maggie, her dog, and Ruby. As it turns out, another friend of mine, Linda, knew Terry and recommended her highly. Karen and I called Terry and set up an interview. She was so cordial and easy to talk to that we immediately knew we would learn quite a bit from her. As the lessons progressed, we decided that it was Karen and I getting the training … our dogs knew what to do all along. I was most impressed with the manner in which the lessons are organized whereby one behavior builds on another. I learned that dogs like to learn new things as long as you make it fun for them. I enjoyed the experience, received very good instruction, but Ruby still laughs at me when I mess up.

Tish Bustos

Toby, Terrier/Poodle

My greatest delight is in Terry Long’s training methods. Most of the dog training I have experienced has been negative. Terry’s methods are entirely positive. There are no loud noises, hitting with a paper, shouting, or shaming. Rather she praises and rewards the desired behavior and does not reward undesirable behavior. It has worked like magic with my dog.

Terry’s strengths are listening to the pet owners concerns, her vast knowledge about animal behavior and motivation, patience with both pets and pet owners, her calm assurance, and her positive attitude. She is highly professional and enormously skilled. Terry continues to keep her knowledge current through seminars, ongoing training, and reading. She is an amazing woman and an incredible trainer. I cannot recommend Terry Long highly enough in both the area of life/obedience training and agility.

Sue Nettleton

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