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DogPACT Services

We offer both group and private programs. Below is a brief description of the services we provide.

Training Services

Behavior Problems - Evaluation and behavior modification programs for fearfulness, separation anxiety, aggression (toward dogs and/or humans), possessiveness, excessive barking, etc.

Pet Manners - Our group classes teach all the foundation skills such as sit, down, come, stay, walking on-leash, leave it, settle on a mat, polite greetings, etc. Our private pet manners training is customized to meet your specific training priorities.

K9 Nose Work - Also known as canine scent work, Nose Work trains dogs to identify the location of a "target" scent by using their natural sense of smell, and trains their owners how to know that their dog has truly found the source and is not guessing. This is a fun game that does not require a lot of equipment or prior training for either dog or owner, and it is an excellent activity for dogs who are shy or reactive around other dogs.

Pre-Adoption Counseling

Choose the right dog for your family and prepare your household ahead of time.

Internships - Novice trainers receive coaching and support in the development of their businesses and training expertise.

Writing - Editorial services, including editing and original writing services, as well as a list of Terry Long's publishing experience.

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