It Takes a Team

When I decided to create a new website, I reached out to three people to help me make this dream come true.

Sally Frankel. First, I couldn’t have done it without my original DogPACT web designer, Sally Frankel. She not only knew the techie stuff I needed help with, but she’s “been in dogs” for many years. She knows me, she knows K9 Nose Work, and she was patient with all kinds of interruptions that made it feel as if I would never get to the final launch. Thank you, Sally.

Annick Loomis. I wanted really nice, professional photos of our Nose Work students. My first pick was Annick Loomis who competes in K9 Nose Work and provides video and photo services to Nose Work competitors in Southern California. She also takes stunning photos of a variety of animals. I held my breath, hoping she would do it. Yesss! Super creative and fun to work with, she is the brainchild and creator of the DogPACT Studios movie on the Home Page. She also took time out of a busy life to attend our classes so that she could take all the photos of our students in Huntington Beach and Lomita. Thank you, Annick.

Suzanne Anaya. An accomplished local photographer with a long history in dogs and dog sports agreed to take photos of Cooper and me here in Sequim, Washington. Like me, Suzanne loves Border collies. She has had many and I love how she captured Cooper’s love of this Nose Work game. Thank you, Suzanne.

And last, but by no means least, are the students who showed their love of our classes by agreeing to be photographed for this project.

Thank you all!